Level A2

Take a step forward!

Level-A2 DELE examination (DELE A2) is the second step after accessing the language of Spanish-speaking countries.

This Diploma accredits that students can understand commonly-used everyday phrases and expressions related to areas of experience especially relevant to them (basic information about themselves and their families, shopping, places of interest, occupations, etc.).

The DELE A2 examination consists of different tests, organized in two groups:

  • Group 1 (Reading and writing skills): Reading comprehension (60 minutes) and written expression and interaction (50 minutes). 
  • Group 2 (Speaking skills): Listening comprehension (35 minutes) and oral expression and interaction (15 minutes). 

A “passing” grade is required for each of the group of tests that a candidate sits during the same examination session.

The maximum possible score on the examination is 100 points. A minimum score of 30 is necessary for each of the two groups in order to receive an overall "passing" grade.

The final grade is either PASS or FAIL.

IMPORTANT: In the writing test, you must follow the instructions strictly given in the statement of the test, about number of words and text format.

Sample examination papers can be accessed (as a PDF file) using the following links: