Level B2

Show what you know!

The Diploma in Spanish (DELE) level B2 accredits language users’ capacity to:

  • Understand the gist of complex texts about concrete or abstract themes, even technical texts, provided that they are within the candidates’ field of specialization.
  • Interact with native speakers with sufficient fluency and spontaneity, so that communication does not constitute an effort for the interlocutors.
  • Produce clear and detailed texts about diverse topics, as well as defend a point of view on general topics, stating the pros and cons of the different options.

The level B2 examination has four parts:

  • Group 1
    • Reading comprehension test (70 min)
    • Written expression and interaction test (80 min)
  • Group 2
    • Listening comprehension test (40 min)
    • Oral expression and interaction test (20 min + 20 min to prepare)

The final grade is either PASS or FAIL. To obtain a diploma you must get a minimum of 60 points out of 100 in the examination, provided that you get at least 30 points out of 50 in each group of tests.

IMPORTANT: In the writing test, you must strictly follow the instructions given in the heading of the test regarding the number of words and text format.

Sample examination papers can be accessed (in PDF) at the following website: